"Here, your bunny suit."

Disguised PVP

The Disguised PVP allows Players to take up appearance or a random monster and take part in PVP.

Disguised PVP, just like the PVP room, is a free-for-all map that no entrance fee nor requirements are needed for the usage.

Disguised PVP Map Overview


Disguising a Novice as Detale won't make it any stronger, but just a bigger sandbag.

The Player will be disguised as a Random Monster and placed at a Random Location in the map.

All skills can be used, but to cast single target skills / spells, you will need to be either holding shift or enabling /ns.

To exit the Disguised PVP room, you can talk to the Exit Disguised PVP NPC

"Actually I'm here as a joke... Yes, I can't get you out."

at the center of the map.