Headgear Disguiser [ Prontera 170, 181 ]

The headgear Disguise NPC enables you to disguise a Headgear as another.


WARNING: DO NOT disguise any gender specific headgears. (such as dancer / minstrel only) As this will cause you errors if you try to put it on the wrong gender.

Items Required:

  • Headgear A ( Headgear with stats that you want to keep )
  • Headgear B ( Headgear with the appearance you want )
  • 1,000,000 zenys


Only ONE headgear will be left after the fusion. Headgear outcome:

  • Appearance ( Sprite ) : B
  • Stats : A
  • Inventory ( Icon ) : A
  • Class Requirement : A
  • Level Requirement : A
  • Weight : A
  • Equipment Window Illustration : A

In other words, the product will be Headgear A with Sprite of Headgear B.

  • This enables character of any class to take on the sprite of any headgear. E.g. Lord Knight with an Angel's Kiss (Novice / Suer Novice only headgear).
  • It is possible to disguise upper, mid, AND lower gears with this. That means your robo eyes and wings too!

The process is reversable, but only for the headgear that you used for the Stats (Headgear A), meaning that you will still lose the headgear you have used for sprite (Headgear B).

Undoing the disguise is free of charge, but still, please think twice since you will lose one Headgear.


Please Be Reminded that ONE Headgear will be lost, DO NOT mistaken this NPC as one that will simply disguise a headgear base on a sample you have provided. It actually eats up one of the headgears.