pRO Player Command List

Players can key in various commands into their chat box to either obtain information, or to adjust game
  • @go
  • @load
  • @rates
  • @showexp
  • @main (main chat)
  • @commands
  • @mi
  • @ii
  • @whodrops
  • @refresh
  • @time
  • @duel
  • @invite
  • @reject
  • @accept
  • @leave
  • @hominfo
  • @homstats
  • @noks
  • @autoloot
  • @alootid
  • @autotrade / @at
  • @whosell / @ws
  • /notalkmsg or /nm - general chats will not be shown in your chatbox only whispers, party chat, gm announcement and guild chats are allowed.
  • /notalkmsg2 or /nm2 – same function as /notalkmsg (/nm) but this time even guild chat is blocked. [Currently only in pRO Sakray]
  • /hi – sends (Hi) *^ _ ^* message to all your friends in your friends list. [Currently only in pRO Sakray]
  • /noctrl or /nc - automatically attacks the monster without pressing the ctrl key.
  • /noshift or /ns - able to attack / cast spell on players without pressing the shift key. Can also be used for Resurrection Bombing (Ygdrassil Leaf) and Heal Bombing.
  • /aura - toggles on/off aura effect of level 99 characters.
  • /set1 - switches /noctrl, /showname, and /skillfail "on" if they're "off" or vice versa.
  • /lightmap – toggles on/off the use lightmap from the RO set up
  • /fog - toggles on/off the enable fog from the RO set up
  • /mineffect - simplifies effects.
  • /font - makes your character name appear above you instead of below you.
  • /quickspell or /q1 - use the skill assigned on the F9 hotkey by right-clicking.
  • /quickspell2 or /q2 - rolling mousewheel upward to use the skill assigned in F8, rolling mousewheel downward to use the skill assigned in F7.
  • /miss – toggles the “Miss” sign when you miss hitting a target.
  • /notrade or /nt – automatically cancels trade request from other players.
  • /battlemode or /bm
  • /skillfail or /sf- removes the "Skill Failed" message.
  • /showname - changes your character's name display and font
  • /emotion – shows the current emoticon listing
  • /emblem - removes guild emblem
  • /h or /help - displays the list of commands/keys available.
  • /memo - memorizes warp point. (For Classes with Warp Portal)
  • /savechat - saves your chat log.
  • /where - displays your current location including the x,y coordinates.
  • /w or /who - displays current number of players online.
  • /sit - makes your character sit, otherwise it make your character stand.
  • /stand - if your character is sitting it makes your character stand, otherwise it make your character sit.
  • /effect - toggles magic/item effect on/off.
  • /skip - lowers your frame rate speed
  • /tip - Displays the tip of the day.
  • /bgm - Toggles background music on and off.
  • /sound - Toggles sound effects on and off.
  • /v (0-127) - Adjusts the sound effect volume.
  • /bv (0-127) - Adjusts the BGM volume.
  • /ex - Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored.
  • /ex (Character name) - Ignores the specified character.
  • /exall - blocks all whispers from anyone.
  • /inall - accepts all pm from anyone.
  • /in (Character name) - Un-ignores the specified character.
  • /chat - Opens the create chatroom dialogue box.
  • /camera - Toggles camera zooming on and off.
  • /q – leaves a chat room
  • /snap - Snaps the battle cursor on or off.
  • /skillsnap - Snaps the skill cursor on or off.
  • /itemsnap - Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off.
  • $ <message> (i.e. $Hello) – sends a message to your guild
  • %<message> (i.e. %Hello) – sends a message to your party

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